Bettina C. Debrunner

Data Privacy Notice

Version from 31.08.2023

The complementary therapy and physiotherapy practice Bettina C. Debrunner with Bettina C. Debrunner, Zürichstrasse 174, CH 8700 Küsnacht

Herewith confirms to adhere to the following rules according to the Data Protection Act and Data Protection Ordinance.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you, as my client*, about my handling of your personal and sensitive data collected in my practice.

Only those data will be processed that are related to the therapeutic treatment or that are relevant for information about any offers. These are exclusively data that I have recorded with your consent, that you have sent to me or that can be found in publicly accessible directories (telephone directory, etc.). This may include general personal data (name, address, telephone number, etc.), information about your health/the course of your illness, diagnoses that have already been made and, if applicable, other data that you have provided to us as a result of treatment (patient files).

This data is collected, stored and processed exclusively in your patient dossier or in the dossier required for administration, in particular in the app required for billing: Medicalinvoice In these two storage locations, all processing steps carried out on your data, including the responsible persons, are traceable.

We only pass on your personal data to persons or areas of our practice who need it to fulfill contractual and legal obligations. These persons are informed about the applicable data protection rules and are obliged to comply with them.
Your data or parts thereof will only be made accessible to other persons or institutions (insurers etc.) with your explicit consent. Exceptions are judicial orders or the enforcement of justified claims on the part of the practice.
If your data is collected and processed physically, it will be stored in a lockable room or cabinet that is not accessible to unauthorized third parties. Electronically collected data is stored securely (firewall, password, etc.).

Our website ( uses cookies to improve the user experience. The cookies are not used to collect personal data and the processing takes place only on the visitor's browser. The storage of cookies can be disabled in the browser, which will result in no cookies being stored.

On our website, we use third-party services to provide certain functionalities. When visiting certain sub-pages on our website, the data necessary for the use of these services is transmitted to the following third-party providers. Visitors who are logged into these services with their personal account must assume that the services can link the visit to with their personal account. These third-party providers may also use their own cookies.

YouTube: When you visit a sub-page on which a YouTube video is embedded, a connection to YouTube's servers is established. This may transmit information to YouTube servers that can identify the visiting device/browser.

Google Maps: To display a map, the service Google Maps from Google LLC is integrated. Information can be transmitted to Google servers, which can identify the visiting device/the visiting browser.

Unless cantonal or other legal regulations state otherwise, your data collected by me will be deleted twenty years after your last consultation in our practice.

Written communication between my practice and you will take place by e-mail, either encrypted with a common encryption program or - with your written consent - unencrypted, by letter post or by personal delivery.
As a current or former client*, you may request from me at any time a duplicate of all your data collected by me in a common electronic format. Only physically available data will be scanned for this purpose and sent to you in PDF or paper format. As a rule, the data will be handed over to you free of charge and within a maximum of 30 days.

The therapist responsible for you is responsible for all questions related to the processing of your personal data and exercising your rights:

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