Bettina C. Debrunner

Hatha Yoga by Eva Ruchpaul

The basic topic is the initial selfawareness without judgment. The flow of breathing, grasping the sense of active-passive and joint flexibility are very important.

In the Hatha Yoga by Eva Ruchpaul, the subjects are neither the Uddhyanas in lotus posture nor eternal youth.

Eva Ruchpaul said "to exercise at home day by day helps less than letting the posture rest for a week."

Found in the group, postures will be revitalized. The singer's voice matures in doing nothing. The counterpart is the Ha-Tha in Sanskrit and in English active-passive or light-dark. This initial way of Hatha Yoga was integrated by Eva Ruchpaul in our Western lifestyle.

Having spent four years of studies at Eva Ruchpaul in Paris, I am delighted to give Hatha Yoga classes in Zurich.