Bettina C. Debrunner


The goal is to protect the joints by a sensible ability to move. The coordination is optimized and reinforced is the attitude in everday life and sport.

This way of doing permanently relieves pain and improves general well-being.

How does a joint work?

Certainly it moves in three dimensions.

Primitive people move and use their bodies in the three dimensions of a natural way, not so town persons with their little varied daily lives.

Susanne Piret and Marie Magdalena Béziers, further Yolande Deswarte have explored this track. Then MD Christian Larsen followed them.

Today the transformation of co-ordination in three dimensions is said Spiraldynamik®. What is the basic principle for the big toe is as well principle for the first vertebra. The Spiraldynamik® helps to use perception of owns, body and it's innerspace in the three dimensions.